Letters to Summer (2015) Day 10

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Dear Summer,

Where did you put the sun? I know we can’t expect sunshine every day. That is the one thing we can rely on with the British weather.

The one thing I do like about this type of weather – when it’s cold or raining is that I can go and snuggle up where it’s warm, get into a film and just chill out. However, it’s not something I expect to do in August.

Come back sunshine, all is forgiven.

See you tomorrow, Summer.

Letters to Summer (2015) -Day 9

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CatblindDear Summer,

A lazy start to my Sunday morning. I woke up to the sunlight peering through the blinds and I smile. It’s so lovely to see. It wont be long until you’re gone so I want to make the most of you whilst I can.

I like mornings where I don’t have to be anywhere and I don’t have anything urgent to do. I can just lie there and read for a while and take in the peace and quiet. That is what Sundays are all about (and my Cat, Buddy agrees.)

See you tomorrow, Summer.

Letters to Summer (2015) – Day 8

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Dear Summer,

Today you showed your dark side. There was sunshine all day and heat but I spent most of the day in bed because of a little bit of heat stroke coupled with a bad reaction to the insect bites I had picked up from being on the river the day before (another downside to the heat. Trust an English person to find a downside of summer.)

I didn’t mind though. I got to spend some time in bed just catching up on my sleep – sleeping off the temperature I had. It’s a shame I missed such a nice day but a day in bed is not always a bad thing is it.

Until tomorrow, Summer.

Letters to Summer (2015) – Day 7

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PrioryDear Summer,

Today was a good day. One of the main advantages of you as a season is that we get to go out onto the river in a little inflatable boat that has been in Chris’s family since he was little. It’s incredible to believe that it’s only twelve years younger than he is.

Today, you brought your sunshine and it was so warm. Going down the river on the boat with the sun shining and the warm air on my face makes me peaceful. It calms me down (which is good considering that there always seems to be an anxiety war going on in my headĀ at the moment.)

I also got a chance to walk around Christchurch Priory. It is a pretty church with such stunning scenery around it. It’s beautiful and I was pleased to revisit. I’d not managed to for a while.

I am grateful for every moment I get to spend in that boat and I hope there are many more opportunities to go on it again before the summer is out.

Letters to Summer (2015)… Day 3.

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FullSizeRenderDear Summer…

It’s your second visit since we’ve been in our current house and I can’t believe it’s been two years since we moved. I will admit, I was apprehensive when I was faced with the prospect of moving away from the town where I grew up. Sure, I lived in London so it wasn’t as though I’d not moved away before but somethingĀ felt different this time and even now Summer, I can’t put my finger on it.

When we first visited our new house, you’d not quite arrived and there was still a small chill in the air but you’d arrived by the time we’d moved in and the sunshine calmed me down. The tree outside our house. I like trees and so this made me feel happier. It seems a silly thing to have helped me but it did. It’s the small things eh…

I am a homebody. My home is important to me. We’d been in our flat for five years and it was only ten minutes from the sea (one of my favourite places in the world,) Continue reading »