Letters to Summer (2015) – Day 7

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PrioryDear Summer,

Today was a good day. One of the main advantages of you as a season is that we get to go out onto the river in a little inflatable boat that has been in Chris’s family since he was little. It’s incredible to believe that it’s only twelve years younger than he is.

Today, you brought your sunshine and it was so warm. Going down the river on the boat with the sun shining and the warm air on my face makes me peaceful. It calms me down (which is good considering that there always seems to be an anxiety war going on in my head at the moment.)

I also got a chance to walk around Christchurch Priory. It is a pretty church with such stunning scenery around it. It’s beautiful and I was pleased to revisit. I’d not managed to for a while.

I am grateful for every moment I get to spend in that boat and I hope there are many more opportunities to go on it again before the summer is out.

Letters to Summer (2015) – Day 6

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Dear Summer,

I love the fun you bring. I love the long evenings and early mornings. Tonight, we set out for a walk at 8.30pm and it was still light. The area around our house is surrounded by trees. There are little paths and woodland to explore. Summer means we don’t have to come in quite so early.

It was one of the perks I loved most about summer. We were always allowed to stay up a little later than we would have done whilst at school or the middle of winter. Summer holds all the promise of adventure. That feeling had never left me. It being light outside is an excuse not to go to sleep as early (although my thirty-three year old body doesn’t always thank me for the late nights now.)

Until tomorrow, Summer.

Letters To Summer (2015) – Day 5

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LogoDear Summer,

Day Five and it’s a big day for me. My blog, Novel Kicks is six years old. It’s hard to believe that it’s been six years since I launched it but six years it has been.

When I started Novel Kicks, it was to have somewhere to post my work and a place for other writers to post. It’s been through a few incarnations since then but I am so pleased with how it’s progressed.

Happy Sixth Birthday Novel Kicks.

Letters To Summer (2015)… Day 4

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flowers-sunDear Summer,

We’re already on day four of August. Time goes so fast.

I have been thinking a lot about time lately. When I was little, time seemed to stand still. I used to break up from school at the end of July and the thought of four weeks off meant just a big amount of excitement.  I had an infinite amount of time stretched out in front of me – it felt as though it would never end.

Now I am older, time seems to be going too quickly. The older I get, the quicker you come and go Summer. It’s almost like I blink and you’ve gone and it’s September.

Please try not to go too quickly Summer. I want you to hang around for a while.


Letters to Summer (2015)… Day 3.

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FullSizeRenderDear Summer…

It’s your second visit since we’ve been in our current house and I can’t believe it’s been two years since we moved. I will admit, I was apprehensive when I was faced with the prospect of moving away from the town where I grew up. Sure, I lived in London so it wasn’t as though I’d not moved away before but something felt different this time and even now Summer, I can’t put my finger on it.

When we first visited our new house, you’d not quite arrived and there was still a small chill in the air but you’d arrived by the time we’d moved in and the sunshine calmed me down. The tree outside our house. I like trees and so this made me feel happier. It seems a silly thing to have helped me but it did. It’s the small things eh…

I am a homebody. My home is important to me. We’d been in our flat for five years and it was only ten minutes from the sea (one of my favourite places in the world,) Continue reading »