Sunday 13th January 2013. Check in.

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Hello all,


I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. How has everyone done? I’ve been doing OK with the writing except that Scrivener lost my bio for my main character because I added a photo and it corrupted the file. It was the one time I forgot to back up too so I’ve had to start again on Lucy’s bio for The Back Up Plan. Technology is great when it works.

So, here’s the goals and the progress….

DP 13th jan


Daily Prompt Challenge: Done and up to date. I’m trying to focus on the areas of writing I struggle with so there is a lot of description in my writing prompts at the moment.


The Back Up Plan: Also going ok (apart from the Scrivener malfunction.) I want to at least have bios for the two main characters before I start writing so that’s the goal for next week.


progress wip 13jan

Reading/Reviews (The Goodreads challenge): My goal to get Reflected in You read was completed and I also got the review up on Novel Kicks. My goal for this week is to read The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling and have the review posted by next Sunday. I’m also looking forward to welcoming Helen to the Novel Kicks review team.

Commenting on other blogs: Managed to visit about six on check in so not bad..

Reward Jar: Going great as I’ve reached my writing goals. I’ll also put a £1 in a week if I manage to check in twice a week.

Photo Diary: Done.

Exercise: This was going really well to start with. I was managing the goal of  15 minutes a day but the last three days, I’ve not managed anything. I must get back on the wagon.

Writers Bureau: The goal was to do at least one page a week.  Two pages read and notes typed up.


See you Wednesday. x

2013 – A Round of Words in 80 Days – Round 1.

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Wow, we’re back on round one already. I can’t believe it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my goals should be. I really lost the motivation on the last round and as a result, I didn’t complete it. This round is a clean slate.

I am very happy that Helen still wants to be my writing buddy. I am also so pleased and she and I are members of The Romantic Novelists Association. Well done Helen!

OK, so here are my goals:


Pencil and paper


Daily Prompt Challenge: 

I want to make sure I write everyday. A Creative Writer’s Kit has been sat on my desk for a long time and I constantly look at it thinking that I should get around to using it. I have been using it since 1st January and so my aim is to continue with it and write 300 words a day.


The Back Up Plan: 

My work in progress. My aim is to have the book finished by the RNA deadline. Therefore, I want to do 300 words a day on this whether it’s character development, plot outlining or actual chapters of the book. 300 words.



I still have a big TBR pile for Novel Kicks and I am behind on my reviews. Helen has agreed to join Novel Kicks as a reviewer. I am very excited. The goal for me is one book and review a week. I am currently reading Reflected in You by Sylvia Day. My deadline for review is next Monday. I am taking part in the Goodreads challenge again this year.


Commenting on other ROW blogs. 


I’ve not been able to visit other blogs as often as I’d like so my goal is to comment on at least five blogs per check in.


Reward Jar: 

I love this idea and am going to continue with it. 50 pence will go in my jar every day provided I meet the two writing goals on a daily basis (the daily prompt and Back Up Plan.) It’s so I can treat myself to something at the end of each month (although, I want to save up for an I-Pad Mini too.)


Photo Diary: 

A photo diary is something I started on Facebook. I’ve decided to continue it on here. I started it at the beginning of the year. I love taking photos so it’s one photo a day – either something I’ve done or something that interests me.

MHP/Photo Diary: Day Seven.

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Saturday 24th November 2012.

Day Seven.

As we approach the first validation day on National Novel Writing Month tomorrow I would like to smile at my current word count. I am at 56,85o. I would like to get to 60,000 before I validate. I have until the 30th November so plenty of time.


‘Be Yourself; everybody else is already taken.’

Oscar Wilde.