Journal and ROW 80 Round Three Round Up.

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ROW 80

ROW 80

We’re nearing the end of round three for A Round of Words in 80 Days. This round for me began so well and for a while, I was writing everyday and checking in. Then it all stopped… again. I can’t think of any reason why other than I let myself loose momentum and I fell out of my writing routines.

Round four begins on 6th October and it will be a chance for me to set new goals and start again (a thing I really love about ROW 80 in general.) My main goal right now is to get into the habit of writing everyday beyond 750 words. I am continuing with that but I am not writing much beyond it and I want that to change. I need to build on my daily writing routine.

I have already begun journaling every day using 365 Journal Writing Ideas. Today (21st September,) it asked me to write down all my resolutions for the coming year (365 days in fact,) and make a promise to myself that I would try to fulfil three of them. I eventually picked three that I felt were important to me.

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ROW Check in (Sunday 3rd August.)

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Hello all.

Just a quick check in for me. It’s slightly late too. I did try and check in yesterday (Sunday) but WordPress was being temperamental and not letting me upload photos for some reason. As I had already had a long day at work, I lost patience with it and in the end, I had to give up and go to bed.

It’s been a bit of a busy couple of weeks (explaining the lack of checking in.) I’ve been working a lot and I also had the dentist (I had to have a tooth out) so that also just made me feel a little sorry for myself.

It’s a new month for Novel Kicks. We turn five tomorrow. I can’t believe that it’s been five years. I do feel a little proud of that. The book club is reading Before I Die by Jenny Downham if anyone fancies joining in? It’s the book the film, Now is Good is based on.

Over to the goals…

31stMy novel (Camp Nano and 750 words.)

I finished Camp NanoWriMo with one day spare. Yey! My word count was just over 25,000 words. This also meant that I also completed the July challenge for 750 words. Very happy!


Photo Diary:

OK at taking one a day but rubbish at uploading. All up to date now though.


Day 29: July 29th. My lovely new Fairytale bag.

Reward Jar:

I completed my writing challenge and I put the money toward this fabulous bag. Now I am onto the August 750words challenge and already have £1.50 in the pot.


Non ROW blog posts:

My goal is one a week which I’ve managed over the last couple. This week just gone I reviewed One Million Lovely Letters by Jodi Ann Bickley and the previous week, I posted my ‘Books I’d Like To Read This Year,’ list.


Comment on three ROW blogs:

Will be done shortly. I’ve not done this last week as I didn’t get a chance to check in so I didn’t have a chance to comment either.



Cough. Um, I’ve fallen behind here but hoping to get back into the swing of exercising at least fifteen minutes a day but I’ve not been well and I can’t exercise when I am ill.


Hoping everyone has a good week. How has everyone done?



ROW 80 Check-in….

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ROW 80

ROW 80


Here’s my check in for Wednesday 16th July. It’s my first one since beginning round three. This was deliberate. I had only just set out my goals when Wednesday check in rolled around last week and Sunday, I had just travelled back from the RNA conference.

This had been my first ever conference. I had wanted to go to one since joining the Romantic Novelists Association’s New Writers Scheme but this year was the first time I could go (not being able to go was mostly financial.) I am planning on writing a post about it (separate from this one.) I had such a good time. It was exhausting but great.

Novel Kicks has also had a good week. We’ve had blog tours with Kate Beaufoy (as well as a competition to win her book,) and Lindsey Kelk, an interview with Amy Bird and writing tips from Paige Toon.

I hope everyone has had a good week. Here’s my progress:

My Novel/750 Words/Camp NanoWriMo.

All this is on track in terms of Camp Nano (I’m on about 13,000/25,000 words) and 750 words. I am still OK for the 750 words challenge (I’ve not missed a day yet.) I had some feedback for my novel over the weekend so I am trying to tweak the idea now but so far so good on all three.

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A Round of Words in 80 Days.. Ready, Get Set, Go!

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ROW 80

ROW 80

A Round of Words: Round Three – Check in one…

It’s all ready 7th July which means a new round of A Round Of Words in 80 days. My attempts to take part in previous rounds this year haven’t gone so well so I am determined that this round will be better.

It’s been a busy year with Novel Kicks so far. I’ve also been putting off writing. I know I am being a scaredy cat when it comes to writing my novel. I am worried it’s going to be rubbish and so this is a huge problem when it comes to actually writing. So, this round is all about getting enough of the book written to send to the RNA in August.

I am going to the RNA conference next weekend and I am incredibly nervous not only because it’s my first one but I have sent my first chapter off to be critiqued by three editors who I will then have the opportunity to have a one to one with. This is the first time (other than the RNA reader) that I have sent my work out into the world and I feel strangely protective of both it and my ego. I am not sure what they are going to say.

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A Late Check in (Sunday 16th February.)

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Better late than never…..

ROW 80

ROW 80

I am a little late checking in for the 16th February. I’ve been working this week and the check in just slipped my mind with everything that was going on. I got home and just collapsed into bed.

The boy and I celebrated Valentines Day early (as both of us were working on 14th February.) After some lunch, we managed to catch a showing of Anchorman 2. I loved the first one and was worried that this one was going to ruin it but I was excited to see it all at the same time. Nothing will ever top the first one but this one was a good laugh and fun to watch..

Goals wise, it’s not been too bad. Helen has been great. Texts have been going backwards and forwards from ‘our novels.’ A fun way of kicking each other into doing something. I have also set myself a mini NaNo challenge to write 18,000 words by the end of February. I am about 5,000 words in. I do seem to work better when I have daily goals.

I am on track to complete the 750 words February challenge. My reward jar is sitting at just over £4. I am visiting my in laws soon and there is a shop called Blott (there isn’t one near me,) and I want to get myself something nice in there.  I keep forgetting to Continue reading »