Photo Moment: Day 1.

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I love taking photos but I also hoard pictures that make me laugh or accurately describe the mood I am in.

I have tried to do photo diaries in the past but only managed to finish one so I am going to start again (also to get me back into the habit of using my blog.)

Some will be photos but others will be pictures I’ve seen that I found cute, funny etc.

I’ve unoriginally called it Photo Moment. I am sorry in advance but there will be a few of the cat. Enjoy.

So… here we go.

Day One: 1st July. Buddy decides to help when i clear out a draw.

Day One: 1st July. Buddy decides to help when i clear out a draw.

Sunday – ROW 80 Check in.

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ROW 80

ROW 80

Hello all,

Another quick check in as not much to report. Today has been mostly reading a book called The Engagements for a blog tour I am taking part in over on Novel Kicks. I did stop for a yummy dinner made by the boy (my Mum came for a visit.)

ROW Goals wise:

The Back Up Plan/WIP – I have finished Dylan’s bio. I just have to do a small bio for the other minor characters now.

Reward jar: It’s now at ¬£4.00

750 words: I am now on an eleven day streak.

Writers Bureau: I’ve managed three pages.

First love short story draft: Nothing done yet. This is one of the things I didn’t get around to.

Blog posts: I want to try and make more of this blog so my aim is to write/post one non ROW blog post each week. A post or a photo.

The next few days are a little busy but I am going to try to fit in what I can.  Hope everyone has a good few days.